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How will I be informed about the potential risks and benefits of participating in the study?

Before you choose for Decide to participate in a study, will guide you through the process. the investigator will conduct an intensive educational discussion about the course of the study. You will explainswhich advantages you have through the study and which possible Risks exist. You will receive a detailed and written description of your clinical picture and informationen üabout the commonalready anerkennt treatment optionstions. You willthe also about it that you can stop participating in the study at any time.the study wider callsn canwithout any disadvantages arising for you. After sufficient time to think about it, you sign and the Prüfarzt a Erklärung and profess, that the Recconversation stattgefunthe has. FFor Your persersonal Receive documents at home You the outuch Patient information and your Agreementsrklärung.