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Future for Patients is an information portal for patients. With this patient portal, we give you the opportunity to search specifically for clinical trials in which you could participate.

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Why Future for Patients?

Clinical trials are important for the development of new drugs. Many of the treatments used today would not exist without the participation of volunteers and patients in clinical trials.

Future for Patients helps ensure that necessary clinical trials can continue to be conducted by connecting volunteers, patients, and specialized clinics and physicians in your area.

A brand of the

DynamiQ Health GmbH

Future for Patients is a brand of DynamiQ Health GmbH, a service provider of clinical trial solutions for patients, CROs, centers and sponsors.

We are experts in the field of dermatology, oncology and inflammatory diseases and work every day to improve your quality of life.

At DynamiQ Health, we all share a passion: helping sponsors and CROs accelerate their clinical trials by integrating process methodology and innovative technology into custom study designs. We combine industry experience with validated market innovations and integrated technologies. This allows experienced study teams to concentrate on the essentials: The successful completion of their clinical studies!

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Wienburgstraße 207, 48159 Münster, Germany

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