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What is

chronically induced urticaria?

Chronic induced urticaria is a form of urticaria that is triggered by repeated stimuli such as cold, heat, pressure or sunlight. Itchy skin rashes (wheals) develop regularly and last for a long time. This chronic skin condition can severely affect quality of life and often requires targeted treatment to control the symptoms.

Patient mit chronisch induzierter Urtikaria

What are the causes of chronically induced urticaria?

Around two thirds of people who suffer from urticaria have so-called spontaneous urticaria, where no specific triggers for the skin disease can be identified. In contrast, inducible urticaria is clearly triggered by physical stimuli. For various sufferers, these stimuli can be light, extreme temperatures (cold or hot) or pressure, for example from tight-fitting clothing or carrying bags on the shoulders.

The following forms of urticaria are classified as inducible urticaria

Cholinergic urticaria (sweating urticaria)

Histamine intolerance urticaria

Physical urticaria or cold urticaria

Stress-induced urticaria

Aquagenic urticaria


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