A physician, who is responsible for the conduct of the clinical trial at a site, has to prove according to legal requirements his scientific qualifications and the adequacy of the facilities of his clinic or practice. Clinical trials can only be performed by those physicians who have the appropriate experience so that all important scientific […]

Experimental group

The group of participants in a clinical trial that receives the experimental drug to be tested under the same conditions as the control group. Subjects are randomly (i.e., by chance) assigned to one of the treatment arms of a clinical trial.

Study Nurse

Study Nurse or Study Assistant who supports the site investigator by carrying out most of the administrative responsibilities of a clinical trial. These are typically members of medical specialists, such as, Nurses or medical assistants.


The sponsor is the client of the clinical trial. In most cases, the sponsor is a company committed to the development of the active substance or medical device to be tested. The sponsor takes responsibility for the initiation and management of a clinical trial.