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We provide a fast and personal connection to research centres near you. At these study sites you can receive professional study related treatment at no cost and furthermore you can make a valuable contribution to the development of new treatments to help treat other people with the same condition.

Why Future For Patients?

Clinical trials are important for the development of new medicines. A lot of the treatments we use today wouldn’t exist without patients like you, volunteering to be part of clinical research trials.

Future for Patients helps to continue the important work of clinical trials by connecting volunteers and patients with qualified clinics and medical practices.

Future for Patients was created by Proinnovera, a full-service Clinical Research Organization with a global reach, headquartered in Münster/ Germany.

We are experts in dermatology, oncology and inflammatory diseases and we are working every day on the improvement of your quality of life.
Proinnovera is an experienced Clinical Research Organization (CRO) managing clinical trials for drugs and medical devices.

Proinnovera has extensive experience of conducting clinical studies in Europe and on the American continent, on the behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. We’ve achieved great success over the last decade, including a high level of satisfaction from the subjects and patients we’ve treated.

Our studies are important in helping to demonstrate the safety, tolerability and efficacy of medicinal products before approval by the medical authorities worldwide.
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