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We provide a fast and personal connection to research centres near you. At these study sites you can receive professional study related treatment at no cost and furthermore you can make a valuable contribution to the development of new treatments to help treat other people with the same condition.

Why Future For Patients?

Clinical trials are important for the development of new medicines. A lot of the treatments we use today wouldn’t exist without patients like you, volunteering to be part of clinical research trials.

Future for Patients helps to continue the important work of clinical trials by connecting volunteers and patients with qualified clinics and medical practices.

Future for Patients is a brand of the DynamiQ Health GmbH , a clinical trial service provider supporting patients, CROs, sites and sponsors.

We are experts in dermatology, oncology and inflammatory diseases and we are working every day on the improvement of your quality of life.

At DynamiQ Health we all share one passion: Helping Sponsors and CROs to accelerate their clinical trial execution by adding process methodology and innovative technology to custom study setups. We consolidate industry experience with validated market innovations and integrated technologies. So that experienced study teams can focus on the essentials: Successfully completing their clinical trials! Visit our website: Home – DynamiQ Health (